What the (...) is SPF?


In English: "Feelings, Thoughts and Philosophies" translated from Portuguese "Sentimentos Pensamentos e Filosofias"

SPF's teach us how to analyse ourselves, our world and "our worlds"!

Every existing being analyses the world, each of us doing it on different ways, each of us with our own abilities.

A dog sniffs everything it finds and it's always paying attention to what's happening around itself, it doesn't matter if the occurence is in the dog itself, around it, or sometimes too far away to be heard by human beings but for the dog, that distant sound is part of the dog's world and it cannot be dicarded.

And we as huamn beings, how are we supposed to do it? How are we supposed to analyse evertyhing? Nobody showed us our own instructions manual.

Well, we're all here looking for obvious answers or answers that simply make sense in order to make them easier to be understood, right? Being so, why not living in a way that makes us able to perceive things more naturally and simply accept them instead of bureaucratising them as we've been conditioned to do?

Feel free...

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