quinta-feira, 31 de maio de 2012

Universal Path

Bloggin' is something funny because sometimes you have to miss it and then you just feel like writing again.
It's an endless work you keep on doing during life.

I have just watched a documentary on Discovery and they were showing the most recent studies on the universe as a whole and it's just way too infinite for us to understand.

The Universe is busy doing his own work and he's got brilliant results and the human being is also doing his work but people got used to complaining about how hard life is.
Well, make it yours then because I try to keep up the universal work in my life by doing what is the most beneficial thing for us all at the proper moment. Is it that difficult?

Is it so complex that you won't ever live a day fixing or helping the universal flow?
More likely, you'll say one more absurd therefore placing one more obstacle between you and the real success. You're making your path more tiring and not challenging.

Think about it, mate.

Stop complaining about the results of your own lies and prosper for a minute, for real, will ya?

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